Health motivation. Let’s face it—we all “want” do the things that promote good health. But for many of us, “I want to do it” quickly turns into “I tried…but I can’t“.

Yet, we can.

Truth be told, we begin to demystify health motivation the moment that we stop searching for it in our news feeds and start acknowledging the fire the inspires good health is already is us.

That’s right—the motivation to adopt good health practices isn’t “out there”. It’s actually very much “in here“. 

The realization that we already have the tools that support optimal wellbeing is more than “empowering”—it’s transformative. In fact, it should inspire us to rethink the idea of motivation—not as something to “get”, but as something to cultivate and grow. Why?

That’s right. Because we already “have” it.

Only when we begin to shift our focus away from unreliable, external forces—and instead choose to see ourselves as the force of change—can we stop handing over the controls and start manifesting our health destiny…from the inside out.